when is the best time to book my newborn photoshoot?

The answer is up to you!

A question I often get asked by parents, especially from those who make their enquiry after their baby has arrived, is:

My baby is 'x' days/weeks old, have I missed my chance to have their newborn photos taken?

As you can see from these gorgeous images of Ronnie at 12 weeks, that there isn't really a time limit on when you HAVE to have your newborn photos taken. In fact, booking your session for when they are a little older is just as much an incredible experience as if we photographed them in their first few days.

The giggles, the smiles, sometimes for the first time always blows me away.

If you have thought about booking but think it's too late, I'm here today to tell you that it absolutely is not! Or if you're looking for your photographer but want to wait until baby is a few months then absolutely do that.

There are no rules, these are your photographs, your memories and your investment.

Make your enquiry here, and let's discuss your very own newborn, or not so newborn photoshoot!

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