Prepare in advance

I love helping you decide what to wear for your session with me, it's all part of the excitement of booking your session. I have a range of dresses you can borrow, as well as a style guide to give you some ideas. Have your make-up done before you arrive (if you wear it!), but don't forget to bring a top up. If you are curling your hair, leave the brushing until you arrive, that way you have a fresh bouncy look for your photos. You are welcome to change at the studio if you want to arrive and go home in your comfies!

Don't put pressure on yourself

It can be so easy to just focus on the way we look, especially when you are pregnant as your body goes through so many changes in such a short space of time. In years to come you and your babies will not even notice if your makeup wasn't perfect, or your hair was slightly out of place. What you and your children will notice is YOU exactly as you were during this super special time in your life.

Prepare to be present

There are very few times in life when we are completely switched off from the outside world and totally present and in tune with our surroundings - make this time one of those. Take this time to breathe in, enjoy the moment, be present, and remember why you’re doing this. You’re preserving these memories, freezing these moments in time. No expectations, no worries about the end result, pick your outfits and just turn up - I will handle the rest.

Make it no big deal

Are you thinking of bringing siblings to be to your bump session? One of my biggest tips when it comes to bringing toddlers and young children to a photoshoot is to not over prepare them. Simply tell them that you're going to visit your friend Jenny's studio. You're going to have some fun and Jenny will need their help to take lots of photos of Mummy, Daddy and their new little brother or sister. There's nothing better than making it into a fun game!

Leave the expectations behind

Relax, take the pressure off and trust that I will capture the most beautiful photos of you. All I need is a millisecond to capture a beautiful photo, so if you're worried about the end result please be reassured that being present is the most important thing you can do.

Get inspired!

Have you got a photo idea in mind? Let me know! I love to see your ideas before a session - whether it's a pose idea, or an inspiring outfit. Likewise, I have an abundance of Pinterest boards of my own that I am happy to share with you.

Please ensure that you send me any inspirational ideas at least a week before your session so I can let you know if it's possible and start planning!

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